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September 17, 2012 / tasha cowdy

Aligning a digital project to standards

This week’s challenge is to revisit a project and align the project objective with a set of standards. For this challenge, I decided to reflect on our collaborative writing wiki project and to align the objectives with the ISTE NETS for students.

In our planning documents we had identified the purpose of the wiki as:

  • to provide students witn an authentic audience for their writing
  • to give students an opportunity to work collaboratively
  • to enable parent involvement
  • to provide opportunities for differentiation so that students can work at their own levels, scaffolded and extended at a level that is right for each child

When I cross-referenced these purposes with the NETS, I found that the purposes were closely aligned with Communication and Collaboration, 2a and 2b

As I read through the rest of the NETS I realized that we do coven many of the outcomes at a level that is appropriate for Kindergarten. However, currently we don’t have a structure for tracking or assessing technology outcomes. They are planned for and documented in the appropriate subject-specific planners, but we don’t have an overview. This can lead to gaps. It would be useful to have some way of getting a “whole picture” view. I find the ISTE NETS useful for my own personal record. I would like us, as a school, to put in place some structure to help us track and evaluate students’ skills, knowledge, attitudes and understanding as they move through the school.


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