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October 15, 2012 / tasha cowdy

Wiki assessment rubric

For Flat Classroom challenge #9, we had to assess three students on the wiki project we created for the previous challenge. The wiki assesment in the PD tool kit was not suitable for lower elementary students.

Wiki Assessment from PD Tool Kit:

I decided to make my own rubric. Although this was time consuming, I found it really useful to think carefully about what exactly I wanted my students to be able to do and how I would know that they were able to do this.

Teacher Assessment Rubric: Wiki

Once I had created the teacher assessment rubric, I felt that ideally, the students should have a self assessment rubric.

Student Self Assessment: Wiki

With hindsight, I think the student self assessment rubric would be sufficient; I don’t think it is necessary to have a separate teacher assessment rubric. However, I think a peer assessment rubric would be useful.

A note on rubrics:  I  find my self using rubrics less and less. I find that really detailed rubrics  can restrict student creativity. Rubrics should provide structure and make assessment transparents but should not constrain students or put a ceiling on achievement. Alfie Kohen’s article on The Trouble with Rubrics and Carol Broos’ article  No Rubrics For Me provide interesting perspectives.


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